Beldray LA023735SEW Table Top Ironing Board Review

Some people just want to sit down while they are ironing. It gives them the utmost comfort since their legs just don’t suffer from stress. Flat ironing boards are most useful when you have a lot of clothes to smoothen. As you all know, ironing even just one cloth can take your time. I have experienced it too, and I know the struggles. When it comes to these situations, the Beldray Tabletop Ironing Board is the right choice!

This ironing board has several features that make it comfortable and convenient to use. Aside from giving rest to your feet, this board enhances the quality of your ironing.

Tabletop Design

This ironing board has a tabletop design which makes it suitable for individuals who wants to rest their legs while smoothing their clothes. It has a right elevation (15 cm) from the ground. Hence, you don’t need to curb your back entirely. In the same manner, you can still maintain an erect and composed posture while using this ironing board.


When it comes to storage, its legs can be assembled so that you can store it even in the tightest space. It is easy to store away at home, with the legs folding up underneath.

Quality Workplace for your Clothes

When it comes to ironing, you need to have a large platform so that you can smoothen even large clothes quickly. Aside from that, the platform should be made from quality materials that enhance the speed and quality of ironing. The Beldray LA023735SEW Table Top Ironing Board has a dimension of 76 x 33 cm. It is not as big as the ones that I have mentioned before. But this size is just ideal to its height. You don’t want a large surface to work with if you are sitting close to it.

The board features foam paddings beneath its wood top. Covering them is 100% cotton that doesn’t wither or stain even how hot your iron is.

Iron rest is retractable

Unlike the other products, the iron rest of this ironing board is retractable. Many people want a removable iron rest for safety and space-saving purposes. If you are one of those, then the Beldray LA023735SEW Ironing Board is the right one for you.


  • A tabletop design ideal for space-saving and comfortable body position
  • The iron rest can be removed
  • Workspace is proportional to the height of the board
  • Lightweight and easy-to-transport


Some people don’t find this as sturdy as other brands