Top 10 Best Cordless Steam Irons 2021 UK Review

If you don’t like being tangled with cables or you enjoy the freedom to iron your board in any location conveniently without being limited by the cable, then cordless steam iron would be your best option. This device is basically similar to other irons, but it is cordless – without the cable.

And how is it different from clothes steamer? Well, cordless iron is the regular iron without cable and it is generally used in a horizontal manner. A clothes steamer, on the other hand, is a portable device (not necessarily coming in the iron design) and it can be used in both vertical and horizontal manner. And some of them may still need cable as the power source.

The following list is the 10 best cordless steam irons in the UK 2021, so if you want to buy this item, you can find the best one from the list below; Let’s take a closer look!

1. Tower Non-Stick CeraGlide Iron

This cordless steam iron gives you the freedom and flexibility to operate your iron in any way you like. If you want to use the cable on or you want to remove it entirely, the choice is yours! This device can heat up quickly – in around 30 seconds. It also packs up 2400W of power, which is super effective in removing tough wrinkles and creases.

Another winning factor of this device is Ceraglide technology. It consists of multi-layered soleplate from ceramic that will give you an easy-to-glide and smooth operation. And you definitely will get wrinkle and crease-free.

It even comes with anti-calc and anti-drip features that will encourage smooth, safe, and easy operation. The device has different steam functions which enable you to iron different kinds of fabrics quite conveniently and easily.

2. Tefal Anti Scale Ultimate Iron

This is another functional iron that isn’t only handy but also beautiful in design. It has its own unique feature with a patented unique scale collector to help you fight against limescale. It will prolong the steam performance and its lifecycle. When compared to the previous iron, this one is more powerful.

The 3000W of power is guaranteed to give you better quality and performance. Not to mention that it heats up fast. The auto steam feature is pretty helpful because you won’t have to worry about adjusting the output. It will deliver high-precision and effortless ironing outcome that is truly helpful for your operation.

You should be able to enjoy convenient and fun glide, thanks to auto-clean Durilium Airglide soleplate. It also delivers efficient and fast ironing time, maximum steam diffusion, and better stain resistance.

3. Morphy Richards Cordless Easy Charge Iron

As one of the best cordless steam iron ever designed, this iron is an absolute work of art. Not only it has a beautiful design and tough construction, but the colour itself is also beautiful and catchy. The absence of cable would make it super convenient to do your ironing easily – you simply through the fabric without having to worry about anything.

You can also expect fast reheating time – just between each ironing. It has its own dock for quick charging base, which comes in 360 degrees that can face any direction for efficient use. With ceramic soleplate, the iron should be able to glide smoothly over any fabric or surface.

And it even comes with its own self-cleaning feature – you won’t have to worry about limescale. It also has an automatic turn off for an extra safety precaution.

4. Beldray BEL0747NRG 2-in-1 Cordless Steam Iron

The device has powerful quality, with 2600W of output, you can be sure that it is able to remove all the wrinkles. It also supports vertical steaming, in case you have to iron curtains. And this is basically a 2-in-1 feature where you can enjoy the cordless device.

But you can still use the cord if you are more convenient this way. The iron has its own heating base, which makes it perfect for cordless operation. But even when you choose to keep the cable, the corded iron is nice to use. The included features include self-cleaning and anti-calc technology to prevent limescale build-up.

It even comes with an anti-drip feature so you won’t have to worry about your own safety. There are different variable steaming technologies that enable you to tackle different kinds of creases and wrinkles. To ensure optimal performance, it has also been equipped with an anti-calcium filter to prevent limescale build-up and combined with a large 300 ml water tank.

5. Tefal FV6520G0 Freemove Air

The cordless steam iron comes with a unique design and look – it is created in such a way to promote easy and convenient operation. Despite the seemingly bulky design, the iron is pretty lightweight. You will have no issue at all in using it.

The iron is able to smoothly glide over all kinds of fabrics – making your ironing session easy and even more fun. The cordless design is super nice. You are able to move easily without being tangled or whatsoever. And the iron has its own charging base which would reheat the iron in between ironing.

But make sure to place the iron properly and correctly on the base. Without placing the iron on the base, you won’t be able to re-heat it. The base also has an ergonomic design. You won’t have to lift the iron. Just glide it to promote safety and comfort while using.

6. Swan 2-in-1 Cord or Cordless Steam Iron

The cordless design is super helpful and handy. The absence of the cable itself would make it super nice for free movement during ironing. The soleplate has the non-stick quality to promote effortless and convenient gliding movement.

The soleplate is made from ceramic to deliver smooth performance. No matter whatever fabrics you are using, the iron would be able to perform its job just perfectly. It also has variable steaming functions with its own vertical, steam burst, spray, and dry steam.

Not to mention that it has temperature controls that can be adjusted for convenient operation. It takes only a short time to start up, so you won’t have to wait long to perform your ironing chores. The device also packs up 2800W that would help you remove all those creases and wrinkles in no time.

7. Russell Hobbs 26020 Cordless One-Temperature Iron

The cordless steam iron can save you a lot of time when ironing. The compact and lightweight iron are nice to use, thanks to the absence of the cord. You should be able to enjoy the easy and free movement while ironing. No more restriction when you have to iron your clothes.

It also comes with One Temperature system that makes everything easy and fast. Not only you won’t have to worry about the right and proper temperature, but you won’t have to worry about damaging your clothes or fancy fabrics either.

The re-charging feature is nice and fast. It promotes fast re-charge time with only 6 seconds. You should be able to enjoy this feature in between your ironing activity – and be sure that all of your clothes are free from creases and wrinkles.

8. Tower T22008BKG CeraGlide Cordless Iron

With this cordless steam iron, you should have no issue tackling ironing chores or tasks. This implements true cordless technology so you won’t be restricted or limited in the movement and performance.

The device packs up quite a lot of power – it is able to reach the optimum heat to smooth out the surface, even with the difficult and tricky ones. This steam iron can easily remove tough creases, thanks to a powerful 2400W and combined with 120 g/minute steam output, This iron can operate corded, or if you want an unrestricted movement as you iron, you can use it completely cord-free

But it doesn’t mean that the steam quality would be low or disappointing. With Steam Shot feature in its 210g, you should be able to remove the creases and wrinkles quite easily and effortlessly. To make this steam iron last a long time, Tower also provides this product with anti-drip, anti-calc and self-cleaning functions.

9. Tefal FV6550 Freemove Cordless

This is totally a convenient iron that isn’t only beneficial but also beautiful. The artistic and useful layout makes it easy for gliding and placement. You simply glide it to re-heat it without having to lift it for better comfort. It truly promotes a beautiful design with lightweight performance.

The charging technology enables Freemove Air to recharge. Basically, the device would re-heat in between ironing – making sure that your iron will always be ready to use whenever you’re ready.

The iron has its own light on the base – it notifies you that the device needs charging. And the ergonomic design would make it easy and simple to promote natural movement.

10. Beldray Steam Cordless Iron

With soleplate construction, this cordless steam iron can be used for either corded or cordless operation. You have the absolute control and freedom to operate the iron just the way you like it.

The water tank is pretty large, perfect to support the steam operation. It also comes with an anti-calc filter to ensure optimum performance and prevent any build-up on the limescale. If you encounter stubborn wrinkles and difficult creases, feel free to use the water spray or steam burst feature.

You can also operate the iron in a horizontal manner or vertical style – giving you even easier access to really enjoy your ironing time.


Those are some of the best candidates for powerful and trusted steam iron (with cordless mechanism), complete with its own strength and downsides. But with all of these options for the best cordless steam iron, you should have plenty of choices to go to.