Top 10 Best Ironing Board Covers 2021 UK Review

A lot of homeowners tend to underestimate and overlook a functional and good-quality ironing board cover, thinking that it isn’t important. In reality, if you want your ironing board to last, you should consider the good-quality one. A good cover can make a difference between a board that lasts for a long time and a board that only lasts for a short time.

A cover functions as a protector. It protects the board from the iron’s heat; thus, increasing the board’s lifespan. It can also minimize the daily tear and wear of the board, so you should be able to use it for a longer time. It’s a good thing that there are several Best Ironing Board Covers 2021 UK that you can consider for your household tasks as can be read below;

1. Riijk Special Padding Cover

If you are looking for a good-quality ironing board cover that has its own padding, this would be a perfect option. The cover comes with many fun features that can actually improve your ironing experience. The cover has its own padding so it is thick. It makes it super convenient and comfortable for ironing.

The surface has an active coating with the heat-reflecting quality so your iron should be able to glide effortlessly on it. The cover is designed for a smooth result, fast ironing time, and easy operation. The cover has functional material that can protect the clothes in various fabrics.

And if you use steam irons, you won’t have to worry about your iron damaging the board. The cover is durable and tough, and yet it promotes easy glide and effective ironing.

2. Smart&Gentle Reflective Cover

This cover promotes high-speed iron, thanks to its unique reflection feature. With it, you should be able to heat your iron in no time. You won’t even have to worry about using any steam iron either. No matter whatever steam iron types you use, you should be able to enjoy fuss-free and safe operation.

The cover has its own safety certification. It has been tested for dangerous and harmful substances, which means that you should be able to enjoy safe implementation without any risk.

You should also be able to assembly it pretty quick, thanks to the 3 clamping clips and drawstring. And the cover supports universal fit, which means that you won’t have to worry about whatever board sizes you use.

3. Vileda Premium Board Cover

This specialized ironing board cover comes with its own features and special quality. The cover itself is made from unique fabric where the surface is covered in metalized and reflecting surface. Because of it, you should be able to enjoy fast ironing operation without compromising the final result.

Your clothes should be smooth and wrinkle-free while your board will stay intact and in a good condition. The cover is constructed from 3 different layers, including felt, foam, and cotton. Thanks to it, you should be able to enjoy maximum comfort even while doing your ironing.

The foam layer isn’t only good for extra thicker effect, but it also prevents rust risks and the possibility of condensation. It is easy to use and fit – supporting universal size and conveniently assemble in no time.

4. Brabantia Cotton Ironing Cover

This board has nice features, including non-slip quality and heat resistant ability. It means that you can use the cover to do your ironing work – either with regular iron or with a steam iron. And the non-slip quality makes sure that the cover will stay on its place.

You only need to make sure that it is properly attached and placed, and your ironing time can go smoothly – even in a fun way! The cover is made from high-quality cotton that is also constructed in layers. These layers would add the thickness of the cover, making it more comfortable and convenient for ironing.

The cover may seem snug but it has a stretch system and cord fastener. You should be able to adjust the cover conveniently and then secure it on its place with the cord.

5. Minky Medium Cover

The cover is made from quality material that isn’t only stretching and elastic, but also tough and durable. As one of the most promising ironing board cover brands, Minky makes sure that all of their products are functional and even fun to use. And it wouldn’t be different from this ironing board cover.

The cover comes with whimsical patterns and designs. Who says your ironing board should look plain and boring? The elastic material is high in quality with tough elastic ability. No matter how big or small the board is, the cover should be able to perform its job well – and covering the entire surface just perfectly.

And let’s not forget that the cover has a foam padding to support convenient ironing job. It is firm and yet plush. It’s just so fun to use the cover!

6. Minky Smartfit Cover Cover

This is another cover from Minky with another attractive design, patterns, and colours. It’s basically an all-size cover that can fit all sizes, to the maximum size of 45 x 125 cm. The tight elastic construction is quite helpful to ensure tight and snug fit.

Covering your board with this cover is convenient because you can manage everything in seconds. The material has its own heat reflective dots – these are handy to make the ironing process go faster and more efficient. Since heat is transferred efficiently and fast, your clothes would be free from wrinkles in an instant.

And the fabric is washable too. Whenever it is dirty, simply put it in the washer and have a go. The thick pad is also nice to promote comfortable and somewhat relaxing for your ironing time.

7. LaundrySpecialist Extra Thick Cover

This particular ironing board cover is European made, which means that you can be sure about the quality and performance. It has its own certificates, with OEKO-TEX certificate and also steam-permeable certification.

It means that the cover is safe to use and yet, you are also being given the flexibility and versatility to use whatever iron you have. If you have a regular iron, this cover will support it perfectly. But even with the steam iron, you won’t have to worry about damaging the cover or break the board.

It is resistant to steam and also heats. Having a thick pad underlay is also helpful because you are always able to iron your clothes easily and comfortably. The cover is also supporting all-size use with final tight and secure fit.

8. Addis Deluxe Board Cover

Not all cover is great to provide nice coverage, but this one is super convenient to use. The cover has a nice fit and secure stretch because of the handy construction. With a plastic tie and also drawstring feature (which is easy to pull), managing the use of this cover is fast, fun, and simple.

It can support a pretty large board, up to 46 x 135 cm. The cover isn’t only beautiful and attractive, but it is also thick. It has a convenient double layer: one is a felt layer and one is a foam layer. As a result, the cover is thick and convenient, and the surface is pretty smooth and nice too. you can expect efficient ironing with fast wrinkle-free results.

9. Minky Smart Supersize Cover

The ironing board cover has its own padding felt that makes it super comfortable and extra thick for convenient ironing time. Minky is known as one of the best brands in the UK and they have provided various items for convenient operation.

And now, they are providing Supersize XL cover that would be perfect for all sizes of ironing boards – even the extra-large. No matter what size or what shape your board is, you should be able to cover it up just conveniently. The cover comes with its own pre-tensioned and quite tight elastic edging so you can always be sure about nice and snug fit.

The pad itself is quite handy – it is always nice to iron your clothes on a thick pad with optimized performance. And let’s talk about the attractive design and appealing colour.

10. Brabantia Assorted Colors Ironing Cover

This ironing board cover is great for nice and tight-fitting – and the surface itself would also be quite helpful for easy, fast, and efficient ironing. The cover may seem unimportant, but wait until you see one from Brabantia. It has its own stretching system, combined with cord fastener to ensure an easy fit.

The combination promotes easy fix and taut finish without any loose parts. The cover itself is made from durable and tough cotton material, supported with a resilient and strong foam layer. As a result, you should be able to enjoy comfortable ironing time with the thicker surface.

And this is a perfect cover that can support either normal iron as well as steam ironing. The high-quality surface would enable convenient ironing time – and you won’t have to worry about your own safety or the well-being of the board.


If you want a reliable and long-lasting cover for your iron board, you have these options. These candidates have positive reviews – and they do have their own strength and flaws. You only need to narrow down your options and pick one of these best ironing board cover varieties for your personal needs.