Top 10 Best Ironing Boards 2020 UK Review

You may never think that ironing boards will play a huge role in your household activities. The board will help you manage your laundry so you can expect crease-free clothes without having to deal with the fuss and the hassle. Of course, you can always iron your clothes elsewhere, such as the floor, for instance. But what about your bending? Don’t you think that bending too long will cause you back pain?

The modern ironing boards come with a lot of handy features and flexible adjustments. You can adjust the height, so it will be ideal whether you are standing or sitting. Some boards even come with storage shelf so you can always put the ironed clothes there. So, what are your options for the best boards that can be useful for your everyday activities?

The following are the 10 best ironing boards in the UK 2020.. Let’s take a closer look

1. Brabantia Ironing Board C Steel

This ironing board comes with sturdy construction – you can tell that it is tough and well built. The surface is wide enough to do your ironing properly and comfortably. The greatest thing about this ironing board is that you can be sure that the surface will be able to handle the steam iron so it won’t wet – and you won’t have to deal with annoying water droplets. Other things to like about this board are:

  • The ergonomic design will make your ironing time enjoyable and comfortable. Forget about back pain or waist ache – you won’t have to deal with such a thing.
  • As one of the best ironing boards ever constructed, this one comes with adjustable height – up to 7 different options, starting from 75 cm from the floor to 98 cm.
  • The board comes with a nice (and functional) flow cover that will deal with the drip as well as making the ironing process smooth and fast.
  • The board has the iron rest or stand (whichever you call it) that is sturdy and solid to place the iron.

The Pros:

  • The ironing board is solid, sturdy, and well constructed.
  • The cover is also good to handle high-quality steam products so you won’t have to deal with water droplets or whatsoever
  • The customer service is quite good and responsive

The Cons:

  • The ironing board is quite big. It is advantageous for some people, but not everyone. Those who want to use the edge to iron the slim fit women clothes will have to lay it down instead of using the edge.
  • Some people experience a defect when they receive the board. They can return it and get the new one, but they aren’t happy with the re-packaging and spending money for the delivery.
  • Some users experience the surface of the board flex too much so the ironing surface isn’t sturdy or solid

2. Lightweight Steel Folding Ironing Board

Not all ironing boards are heavy – well, at least this one proves that you can expect a sturdy ironing board and yet it is also lightweight. If you are looking for a functional ironing board that is solid and sturdy enough and yet you don’t have to deal with the weight, this item from FunkyBuys can be your best shot. What are the features to like from this board, anyway?

  • The board comes with three different sizes for different ironing needs
  • The board is foldable with automatic locking mechanism
  • The feet are solid with no scratch or no-slip feature

The Pros:

  • The lightweight feature is nice and handy despite the size. Even when you have to deal with the extra-large board, you won’t have difficult times carrying or moving it around
  • The foldable feature is nice because it allows you to save up space
  • The surface for the ironing is wide and it has a nice even surface

The Cons:

  • Some users claim that the board doesn’t seem to be as solid as they have expected. Yes, it is well built and it feels solid, but once they use it for  the ironing, the board feels wobbly
  • When the board is used to iron big items, it tends to be wobbly. It isn’t a problem when used to iron small items like clothes, but big items make the board feels as if it were about to collapse

3. Brabantia Ironing Board

Have you ever doubted the quality construction from Brabantia? They are known for their quality products – which apply to this item. This is one ironing board with extra size and dimension that will make ironing time comfortable and even fun. There are tons of things to like about this item, such as:

  • The reliable cotton cover with foam layers that will make the entire use nice and reliable
  • The board has this parking zone for the iron that is resistant to heat
  • The entire design is super solid and sturdy, so you can iron anything you like without having to worry about it being wobbly.

The Pros:

  • The board is quite big but the foldable feature is super nice to make it compact – and it saves up space
  • There is a foldable rack that can be used to store the ironed clothes so you won’t have to deal with the fuss of storage
  • The overall construction is super solid and sturdy. In fact, most users claim that they have never had any other ironing boards with such a quality

The Cons:

  • The cover can be annoying because it gets in the way of ironing, which can slow things up. You may want to consider changing it with another cover that allows your iron to glide smoothly
  • The packaging is quite minimum and not extravagant

4. Minky Expert Ironing Board 122 x 38cm

As one of the best ironing boards ever made and designed, this one has very nice features that can help with efficient and effective ironing solution. For a starter the price is quite affordable and inexpensive, and yet, it won’t affect the quality and performance of the board itself. Other features to like about this board are:

  • The wide and generous ironing surface, with 38 x 122 cm in total. You can iron anything you want – small article of clothing or the big ones
  • The iron rest is designed with an angled arrangement so the iron won’t steam even when it isn’t used
  • The board comes with steamflow mesh and also foam backed cover that will create a smooth surface and crease-free result.

The Pros:

  • Delivery is pretty fast and the quality of the delivery is safe and protected
  • The entire construction is solid and super sturdy – the board doesn’t budge when used. At all
  • Despite the sturdy construction, the board is pretty lightweight and not as heavy as predicted

The Cons:

  • The mesh cover can be annoying because it gets in the way when you are ironing
  • Some users claim that the board is wobbly and unstable even when they have to deal with small and light items

5. ADDIS Really Wide Board Irons Design

If you want to get one of the best ironing boards available without having to spend a fortune, this product from Addis is really going to make your day. The features to like about the board are:

  • The big ironing area, with a total dimension of 46 x 135 cm – giving you generous space for ironing
  • The board comes with different height adjustments – up to 10 different heights
  • The board comes with nice iron fabric or rest that is resistant to the heat

The Pros:

  • The quality of construction is super nice because it is tough, solid, and very well constructed
  • The board comes with likeable adjustments and also height. The height adjustment is one of the things to like about this device
  • The customer support is pretty nice and responsive with the return and refund

The Cons:

  • Some users claim that the board is wobbly even when they have tried to stabilize it. They seem to have the product with one uneven leg

6. Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest

This product from Brabantia has always come with the nice and handy features, and it won’t be different from this one. The features to like about this board, which is claimed as one of the best ironing boards ever made, are:

  • The generous and also wide ironing surface, with 38 x 124 cm in total
  • The board comes with steam iron rest which makes it convenient for use
  • The board has a nice safety feature with the transport and child locks so it will prevent the board from accidentally collapsing which can hurt your kids or pets.
  • The board has 10 different height adjustments up to 96 cm the highest.

The Pros:

  • Those who receive the board in a perfect condition claim that they like the firm stance and solid stance of the board.
  • The cover also helps to make the ironing process go faster and smoother

The Cons:

  • The delivery can make your product scratched – like several users experience. It may not be a big deal but it leaves a visible mark on the cover, which can be quite ugly and not attractive
  • The users claim that they get uneven legs when one leg is longer than the others, causing the board to be wobbly

7. Russell Hobbs LA043153BLK Adjustable

Not many ironing boards are coming with jumbo iron rest, but this one is. This can be handy if you have a professional or industrial grade of steam iron – which can be big, unlike the residential grade if iron. The likeable features about this ironing board are:

  • The wide and big ironing surface is great when you want to have a simple and easy ironing process.
  • The material and iron cover will also help to make your iron smooth and crease-free
  • The foldable feature is nice and handy, especially when it is paired with an adjustable height too.  Feel free to stand or sit when you want to iron the clothes
  • The construction is well designed – aimed to help you with your ironing process and to make everything easier

The Pros:

  • The overall construction is solid and sturdy, and if your board is in a perfect condition, it will be super solid and you won’t be able to make it wiggle or jiggle
  • The height adjustment is great because some users are quite tall, so the board doesn’t hurt their back at all.

The Cons:

  • Some users experience a wobbly effect because the legs are uneven – and it is quite annoying
  • The mesh pad can be thicker as the current one is pretty thin
  • It is quite heavy

8. Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Unit Holder

This is one quality product that can make your ironing moment enjoyable and even fun. The ironing surface is quite wide and it comes with generous size with 45 x 124 cm in the total dimension. Other features to like about this board are:

  • The board has its own iron rest that is sturdy and reliable
  • The foldable feature is nice and it comes with its safety mechanism that will prevent collapsing on its own
  • The board is adjustable so it is super flexible

The Pros:

  • The board is super solid and sturdy
  • It is a perfect piece for everyone. The possibility of you getting a defective product is quite slim and limited because of the quality construction. It is guaranteed 100% that you will always get the perfect product
  • The height adjustment is nice and super flexible. It gives you an edge of easy and simple operation without a fuss

The Cons:

  • The board can be quite heavy, but it is a positive point for some users because it proves the quality of the construction.

9. Minky Ergo Ironing Board, 122 x 38 cm

This is a unique board that has ergonomic construction, making it easy for both left and right-hand users to iron in the most comfortable manner. The board also comes with other features, such as:

  • Flex guide, a feature preventing the cord from snagging and tangling
  • The cover will also help with fast and smooth ironing process
  • The height-adjustable feature is nice, allowing you to manage the comfortable height up to 92 cm from the floor.

The Pros:

  • The board is big and wide, and yet it is quite lightweight – at least it is lighter than what you have thought
  • The construction is very solid and sturdy

The Cons:

  • Some users experience some missing small parts that can affect the comfort in using the board
  • Some users experience wobbly effect because the legs are uneven

10. Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest

As one of the best ironing boards in the industry, this ironing board comes with very nice features, such as:

  • The generous ironing surface that is wide and big enough
  • The handy cover that will make ironing faster and smoother
  • The foldable feature comes with a safe locking mechanism that will prevent collapsing on its own

The Pros:

  • It is lightweight and nice to handle
  • The foldable feature is super nice
  • It is big with wide surface and yet it is easily moved around

The Cons:

  • The uneven legs are the most common issue


Those are your candidates for the best boards for ironing that you can have for your possession. You can find out which one would be perfect for your needs.

So, which of these ironing boards that you will buy?