Top 10 Best Travel Irons 2022/2023 UK Review

People who often travel must have understood the importance of reliable and premium travel iron. The device can be small and compact, and yet its function is beyond its size. It is able to make you look more presentable. It is able to turn your crease-full clothes into a crease-free outcome. It is able to create a more positive image and reputation of yourself – you don’t really want to go to an important meeting looking like a mess and a rag, do you?

It is a good thing that we live in the era where we are pampered by the high-end technologies, so the question is, do you need an iron that can be carried everywhere you go, especially when travelling ?? If so, finding such iron isn’t a struggle.

There are some best travel irons in the UK for 2022/2023 that you should check below. We have researched these products and they have very good quality & performance and from popular brands that have a good reputation. Let’s check the list below;

1. Russell Hobbs Steam Glide 22470, 760 W

If you are looking for a powerful travel iron that is easy to carry around and yet it won’t burdened you with the extra weight, this iron will do the trick. This iron is efficient to use because of the many handy features, such as:

  • The soleplate is made from stainless steel which will make ironing easy. The device will glide through the fabric smoothly
  • The iron comes with steam and also water spray that will tackle all the crease easily
  • The temperature and steam control are easily tweaked and adjusted
  • It comes with dual voltage, so you won’t have to worry whenever you are travelling

The Pros:

  • The iron is pretty lightweight and it is easily carried around
  • The instruction is pretty clear and easily understood
  • The iron is pretty effective and powerful for ironing light summer clothes
  • The steam feature is quite helpful when you have to deal with a crease
  • Good cord length

The Cons:

  • The water level can be difficult to see
  • The iron tends to drip, even from the upper area. If you want to avoid mess and wet, you can use it dry
  • The iron doesn’t really work well on heavy clothes
  • No travel case to keep it in

2. Duronic Si2 Mini Iron Compact Portable

With this travel iron, you won’t have to depend on the hotels’ service for your ironing needs anymore. In fact, this device will deliver a lot of benefits, because of the packed features:

  • The iron is pretty compact and small. The soleplate is only 13 cm in length and yet it is powerful enough to smoothen all the crease and mess.
  • The iron comes with a water tank and steam technology. Having crease-free clothes is totally possible
  • The temperature button is very easy to access and adjust. You can heat up the iron very quickly without having to wait long
  • The soleplate is made from premium material that will glide easily on the fabric effortlessly
  • It is powered by 375W of power, it will only take a few seconds to fully heat up and can be ready to use almost immediately.

The Pros:

  • The combination of compact size and lightweight arrangement is very nice. You won’t even realize that you have the iron in your baggage
  • The delivery is prompt and on time
  • The design is nice – it feels very comfortable in your palm
  • The performance is super reliable and nice
  • Can be used as a dry iron

The Cons:

  • The only downside is that it needs some time for adjustment. It may feel uncomfortable and not gliding smoothly at first. But once the steam has flown and you are used to it, the iron does a perfect job

3. Swan SI3070N Travel Iron with Pouch

You may not realize that despite the small size, this travel iron has a quite generous water tank. If you want to avoid crease, the steam feature will be useful. Other features to expect from the iron are:

  • The iron is able to heat up pretty fast. You can start ironing without having to wait long
  • The soleplate is made from stainless steel, which means that you can expect it to glide easily through the fabrics, supporting the fast ironing time
  • The iron comes with various control buttons which can be adjusted and tweaked easily
  • The steam is able to heat up easily and it is quite powerful
  • It comes with its own travel pouch so you can carry it around easily and safely
  • It has 900W of power, with fast heat-up feature for quick and efficient ironing while on the go

The Pros:

  • The customer support is quite responsive and well
  • The small design is very nice, especially with its lightweight feature
  • The steam is quite powerful. The iron may be small but it punches a strong ability
  • The entire operation is quiet
  • 100ml water tank

The Cons:

  • The handle can be awkward for some users

4. Igenix IG3109 Steam Glide Travel Iron

If you want a device that will make the crease away, you have found the right item. This is a favourable device mostly because of the handy features:

  • The steam channel is powerful. It is able to send a sudden burst of hot steam to make your clothes super neat and crease-free
  • The iron comes with different steam setting so feel free to alternate it according to your preference
  • You can use it for vertical ironing, for hanging clothes or bigger items like curtains
  • Featuring 1100 W of power, this iron Iron will become a perfect travel companion, it has a compact design and with a folding handle, it means you can pack or store it away with ease.

The Pros:

  • The portability and the compact size are the best features to expect from such a travel iron
  • The iron has a sturdy design and solid construction
  • The iron is pretty lightweight and you won’t feel the extra weight
  • The performance is surprisingly amazing, considering the small size
  • The Iron comes with a vertical steam feature

The Cons:

  • The iron can be a bit heavy. Not so much but it is definitely heavier than the other travel irons
  • The iron doesn’t come with the travelling pouch


Not many people would be thinking about buying an iron for travelling, but if you often travel on the go, you really need to consider having this in your inventory. There are tons of things to like about this item, such as:

  • The iron is pretty flexible. It can be used as a dry iron or you can fill it with water so you can make use of the steam feature
  • You can also use it as the vertical steam for bigger items
  • The iron has a dual voltage option so you won’t have to be confused
  • The soleplate is made from stainless steel – which means that it can glide easily through the fabric for a faster result

The Pros:

  • The performance is amazing. It does deliver a perfect outcome with very little fuss
  • The steam power is quite powerful to create a satisfying outcome
  • The delivery time is nice and on time
  • 50 ml water tank and foldable handle

The Cons:

  • For some people, the iron can be quite heavy and bulky – quite different from the other travel irons
  • The water spray doesn’t really function well

6. Prym Travel Mini Steam Iron

A lot of people fall in love with this travel Handy travel steam iron because of many positive reasons. After all, the handy features include:

  • Dual voltage option so you won’t have to worry about anything when travelling, from 200 V to 110 V
  • It can heat up very fast and the dial is practical and easy to use with good steam output also.
  • The design is compact and small – and it is also portable with tons of features
  • The soleplate is scratch and sticky resistant, so it can help with efficient and fast ironing moment

The Pros:

  • The design is pretty simple. The size is also small. These combinations are super nice for the lightweight and portable device
  • The device is really portable, and the steam feature easily gets fast – which saves you a lot of time
  • The overall construction is durable and sturdy
  • Soleplate surface 130 x 75 mm
  • Comes with a measuring cup and carrying bag

The Cons:

  • Don’t fill up too full or it will leak

7. Quest Travel Steam Iron

If you want to have a reliable device that can help you with your ironing management, this is an item to like. The benefits are:

  • The foldable handle is nice for neater and more compact packing
  • The water tank is transparent for easier filling
  • The temperature control makes it easily controlled and adjusted
  • The iron comes with a rather long cable

The Pros:

  • The small size and the portable feature are the favourite features to like about this iron
  • The steam is powerful and strong enough so the performance is quite impressive
  • The foldable feature is also the most favourable thing about this iron because it packs neatly
  • It is super perfect for short ironing time with the super neat outcome

The Cons:

  • The water tank capacity is small and limited.
  • The iron is perfect for short use because if it gets too long, the top area will feel hot

8. EASEHOLD Handheld Garment Steamer, 2 in 1

If you look at this travel iron, you will be surprised at the odd and unusual design. However, once you start it, you will be impressed with its performance and the features, such as:

  • You can enjoy the vertical or horizontal steaming operation
  • The iron can be used as the dry iron or the steam one – water tank is provided
  • The soleplate will prevent the fabrics from being burned because it has its own temperature control

The Pros:

  • The vertical steam feature really works and the result is amazing. It’s like running hot steam over the garments and it will be smooth in no time
  • The safety features will prevent you from getting burned or scratched
  • The device is super small and compact and yet it is also very powerful
  • The performance is amazing – it is simple to use and it takes very minimal operation time

The Cons:

  • Because of the design and construction, the iron will easily tip backwards

9. Russell Hobbs – Dual Voltage 760-830 W 14033

This travel iron may look simple and small but you can be sure that it packs a lot of useful features that will make your operation a breeze. The features to like are:

  • The design is simple and the construction is quite solid
  • The soleplate is made from stainless steel, and it allows you to glide effortlessly through the fabric
  • It comes with both water spray and steam – and those features won’t add the burden
  • The cord is 1.8 meters which are quite generous

The Pros:

  • The iron is small and compact and yet it is also powerful and solid
  • The construction feels buff and sturdy – not flimsy or cheesy at all
  • The compact size is very fun to carry around when travelling. And you won’t have any problem with airport security or whatsoever
  • The price is worth the spending and it is coming along with the reliable performance

The Cons:

  • The iron doesn’t come with any travel pouch
  • Some users feel that the iron is a bit bulky and heavy when compared to other travel irons

10. Philips Steam&Go Plus Handheld Clothes Steamer

This is another great handheld clothes steamer on the market instead of a regular iron because of the design. It is easy to use and simply hang them and do the vertical steaming – your clothes will be crease-free in no time. Can be used on any surface, in any situation without any ironing board needed. Some of the features are:

  • The design is pretty simple and the water tank is quite generous
  • It works on all ironable fabrics, even on delicate clothes
  • The steamer is compact and portable. It is small but it packs a lot of power
  • The device is able to heat up pretty quickly
  • No need to iron when you have this device around
  • This iron can provide instantly refresh and it will de-wrinkle hanging clothes.

The Pros:

  • The simple operation and use is one of the things to like about this device
  • The steam is quite powerful. You only need to get it close to the clothes (without having to touch it) and it will create a smooth result immediately
  • Ready to use within 45 seconds,
  • The device comes with a smart flow heated plate technology that can produce better results
  • The continuous steam feature will remove odours and kills 99. 9%* of bacteria

The Cons:

  • Small water tank so it needs filling quite frequently


Those are our recommendations for the best travel iron 2022 in the UK that you can use while travelling. If you are interested in one of them, you can always click on the link and off you go!

So, which of the travel iron that you like the most?