Best Type of Handheld Clothes Steamer

Frequent travellers will greatly benefit from purchasing a handheld clothes steamer as these compact or portable gadgets are lightweight and can fit into any luggage size. This makes travelling easier and more convenient. If you are a business person or just someone who loves to travel, purchasing a handheld clothes steamer is a sensible move; however, with so many brands to choose from these days, how can you be sure that the one you select is the best type of handheld clothes steamer that will fit your lifestyle?

Branded or Not?

It’s only natural for first-time buyers to go for the known brands of handheld clothes steamers as these brands have built their name through satisfied users and loyal followers over the years. Nevertheless, branded clothes steamers can be very expensive. Many lesser-known brands in the market today are equally made of top-notch materials and can even outperform popular brands of portable clothes steamers. The best thing is that they are more affordable.

You can choose from a variety of known brands such as Conair Deluxe clothes steamer, ESTEAM Travel Series by Jiffy Steamers or lesser-known brands starting to gain a market edge like Tobi Travel Steamer and Rowenta Advancer Steam Iron.

Features to Consider

Before you decide which type of handheld clothes steamer to purchase, take into consideration the features that you will often use or will benefit you best. If you regularly use business suits, look for a handheld steamer that features a combination of both steam and ironing. This clothes steamer type is quite effective in removing creases especially in dresses or suits that are made of delicate materials such as cashmere, silk and wool. It is best to ask the salesperson if the clothes steamer you are interested in can remove the wrinkles effectively from specific fabric types.

Another feature to consider when choosing a handheld clothes steamer is the anti-calcium system. This feature prevents any calcium or mineral build-up in the steamer. Heavy mineral build-up can cause the steamer to produce lesser steam and can even prevent it from functioning well. Although you can decalcify the steamer regularly, having this added feature can be a great time saver.

If you are allergic to dust mites, a clothes steamer can be your best weapon against these bothersome allergens.  A clothes steamer is an effective dust mite remover because of the heat and steam that it produces. Dusts mites cannot stand steam and can be eliminated from fabric, draperies, cushions and mattresses using a regular clothes steamer. Additionally, if you have stored old clothes that you want to reuse, you can simply run the clothes steamer on them and allow these to dry off completely before putting them on.

Always bear in mind to test a clothes steamer first to match it with your current needs and lifestyle. This saves you time from having to return the item in exchange for another.