Brabantia Ironing Board Cover – Types and Maintenance

Brabantia ironing board cover is a part of the wide range of ironing accessories offered by Brabantia and is available in a number of different materials, colours, styles and patterns.

While some of the most common materials which are used are cotton, cotton and foam and metallic cotton there are assorted colours and designs to choose from as well and the probability of finding an ironing board cover of one’s choice and requirements is very high while considering Brabantia.

There are a number of advantages associated with Brabantia ironing board cover and one of the foremost advantages is that this cover is available in standard sizes due to which they can be fitted over all types of ironing boards.

As regards the fit of the ironing board cover, it should be such that the cover should fit perfectly on the ironing board and in order to ensure this it should have drawstrings, Velcro and elastic fittings. An added advantage of buying an ironing board cover in a standard size would ensure that it would fit a new ironing board as well and hence prove to be economical in the long run.

Another point which should be kept in mind while buying Brabantia ironing board cover is that since it is meant for ironing all types of clothes, the fabric which is selected should preferably be cotton or a variant of cotton but never synthetic. This is because synthetic as a fabric is extremely heated sensitive and temperature-sensitive due to which it is prone to melt and stick to the surface which is closest to it.

Since Brabantia ironing board cover is regularly used to straighten the creases and crinkles in clothing, it needs to be regularly cleaned as a measure to maintain hygienic standards in the home. The cleaning of the ironing board cover is carried out in a certain manner and the first step in this regard is to remove the cover and lay it on the flat surface.

In case the ironing board cover is made of cotton, it can be subjected to a regular wash in the washing machine by adding a mild detergent and then hanging it to dry. Sometimes, the Brabantia ironing board cover is covered with a protective coating against staining and scorching and in such a situation cleaning is done by wiping the grime and debris with a sponge which has been soaked in mild detergent