Different Types Of Clothes Steamers To Choose From

First impressions count. People consider buying good quality clothes as their investment for personal and career growth. However, traditional ironing methods can ruin some clothes and oftentimes, the damage is so severe that one is left with no other option but to throw away a thousand-dollar business suit.  That is why when clothes steamer came out in the market, homemakers found great relief from not having to contend with mixing the right temperature or getting their fingers burned with a hot iron.

Doing a Comparison

Homemakers should know the different types of clothes steamer before they purchase one. This is important since not all types of clothes steamers can actually remove the wrinkles from any type of clothing material. Wool, silk, denim and chiffon for example, might require a clothing steamer specifically made for particular fabrics.

Compact steamer and Professional steamer are the two primary categories of clothes steamer that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Compact Steamer

–¬† Compact clothes steamer¬†or handheld types are lighter, easy to carry and can fit into almost all luggage types. Travel fabric steamers, portable clothes steamers, or mini fabric steamers are just some of the names that refer to this steamer type.

–¬† Although battery-operated compact steamers have shorter run time and battery life than a professional steamer, a portable steamer comes very handy if you do a lot of travelling.¬† It effectively removes lines and crumples from clothes and is a very important travel essential, especially if you need quick touch-ups just before business meetings.

– Another advantage of a compact clothes steamer is that it has no internal water lines or pumps that can cause plugging or stacking of water after prolonged use.

Professional Steamer

– Professional or home clothes steamers are larger and definitely come with more functions compared with a compact steamer. Larger clothes steamers also have bigger water containers. As steam comes from boiling water, you get more steam to make your clothes appear fresher and more immaculate.

– Another benefit of a professional steamer that homemakers can take advantage of is using the clothes steamer to eliminate dust mites. Dust mites are invisible to the human eye and can cause allergic reactions in humans. You can use your clothes steamer to kill dust mites that thrive in old clothes, pillows or mattresses, comforters and other fabric furniture.

Steaming your clothes and other fabrics at home is perfectly safe.  Although one needs proper care and know-how, a clothes steamer delivers numerous benefits at home or when you travel.