Guidelines for Buying A Built-In Ironing Board

A built-in ironing board is an ironing board which is built into a wall recess so that it can be folded down from the wall while ironing and can be mounted on the wall out of sight after the completion of the job. Such boards are an alternative to the free-standing ironing boards which are the traditional variety as well as the mini ironing boards, ironing centres and the door-mounted ironing boards which evolved during the later years.

The significance of the ironing board can be judged from the fact that this equipment has served as an important part of the civilization since the past few centuries and continues to be in great demand even today which is ascertained by the fact that six million ironing boards are sold every year.

An individual who is interested in buying a built-in ironing board should be aware of the fact that such ironing boards are fastened at the top and are anchored only at one end with the other end dropping down for ironing when required.

The size of the ironing board is an important criterion while making a purchase and hence an individual who can accommodate a full-size ironing board must choose the widest possible board while a person who requires such a board for quick touch-ups may select a small board. Another consideration is the height of the board and in this regard, the hip level is the ideal height for an individual who has to perform the ironing task while standing. Likewise, if the task needs to be carried out in sitting or standing position alternatively, then an adjustable board which can be shifted up and down is preferable.

Some of the other guidelines which need to be kept in mind while buying such an ironing board are the weight and the sturdiness of the ironing board and while a light-weight metal board is ideal for the built-in variety, older wooden boards or boards with a metal or mesh top can also be considered. A light-weight ironing board with a sturdy frame is durable, the older wooden boards are the strongest though not preferable for ironing and the boards with a mesh top allow the steam to pass through and evaporate.

Also known as wall-mounted boards, the built-in ironing board were particularly popular during the 1940s’ and are demand today again due to the existent space constraints wherein such boards can be installed in the form of walk-in closets