How to Iron a Shirt

Ironing a dress shirt correctly may sound like an easy task, but it’s actually quite difficult to get it right. It’s not uncommon for someone to think they’ve done a good enough job with their ironing, but then turn up to work the next day with subtle creases in their shirt. I hope to provide you with some tips to avoid this happening to you.

You should firstly prepare for your ironing by reading the label of any garments you plan to iron, as I mentioned in my guide to ironing trousers. It is so important that you do this as failing to do so can damage your clothes which over the long run means they won’t look as nice and crisp, and they will become damaged.

Firstly, when ironing a shirt you should start with what is possibly the most important detail of a shirt which is the collar. To iron the collar you simply need to unfold it and iron on the underside. Another really important element, as well as the collar, is the cuffs of the shirt which can be ironed in a similar fashion by unbuttoning them and spreading them flat on the ironing board.

Moving on to the rest of the shirt, you should then iron the shirt front, one side at a time. To do this, take the side of the shirt and line it up on the ironing board so the rest of the shirt is hanging off the edge. Obviously, you need to remember to do this with both sides to ensure that you’re not walking around with one side ironed and the other side creased which might be a little embarrassing!

After that, place your shirt face down so that the entire back of the shirt is draped over the ironing board and iron the back of the shirt. It is then important after that to iron the sleeves on both the front and the back.

Again, storage after ironing your shirt is paramount so I would always recommend that you hang your shirt in your wardrobe and avoid folding it up at all costs if possible as folding your shirt, even if just momentarily before you store it, will put unwanted creases in it.

Thanks for reading and hope this article useful for you!