How To Iron Trousers

The question of how to iron trousers may not be one you’ve considered before, don’t you iron trousers in the exact same way you iron your other clothes? I thought so until recently when I had a job interview where I was very eager to impress. I’m the type of person who loves to make sure every fine detail is absolutely perfect in these sort of scenarios as I know how much first impressions count, so I started looking at articles on the internet about ironing and I was surprised by what I found.

Firstly, it is so important that you set your iron to the correct ironing temperature for your trousers. You can generally find that wool and other fabric blends need to be ironed on a lower setting whereas cotton is safe to iron on the highest temperature. Ironing your trousers on the incorrect temperature (especially if it is too high) can damage your trousers in the long run. If you’ve just bought a new pair for a job interview, it probably isn’t going to ruin your big effort, but over time your trousers will start to look tired and damaged.

You then want to start at the top of the trousers and work your way down from the waistband and pockets all the way down to the bottom of your trouser legs. Depending on what type of trousers you are ironing, one of the most important parts of ironing can be the crease down the centre of the trouser leg. In order to iron the crease in, you need to lay each trouser leg on the ironing board one at the time so that the inseams are perfectly in line, and then press down lightly on the crease, although you don’t need to press too hard. You can allow the iron to do all the work.

When it comes to storing your trousers, the last thing you want to do is throw them in a messy cupboard and have them become creased again. You should hang them in your wardrobe, and the best type of hanger for this purpose is one with clamps which will allow the trousers to hang. Alternatively, you can get one where the trousers are folded over and generally this is fine as long as you take care to ensure that the trousers are not creased as they are being stored.