Know How to Clean a Steam Iron

You do not need to be an expert in order to have knowledge on how to clean a steam iron. Taking care of your steam iron is the first step of cleaning your steam box. A cleaned iron steam box is easily recognized through its good appearance. Ensure that your steam iron is not scratched by storing it in the right place. The chord of your steam iron should also be taken care of through good handling to prevent it from looking worn out. It is true that the steam iron is cheap making many people not take great care of it. However, it is wise of you to take care of your steam iron irrespective of its cheap price.

After using your easily cleaned steam iron, empty the water. This should be done regularly irrespective of your busy schedule. Also, stand your steam iron in a safe place to allow it to cool down safely after using it. The flex of your steam iron can be maintained and protected by carefully wrapping the flex. In case of a foreign substance stuck on the plate of your steam iron, allow it to cool down before carefully cleaning off. The cleaning of your steam iron will be effective and easy. You will also be protected as you clean your steam iron since you will not be burnt when you clean it after it has cooled down. In case you are cleaning oiling substance on your iron, apply ammonia using a rag and rinse it thoroughly. In case you are cleaning waxy substances, highly heat your iron and run across a newspaper. During your hard cleaning, add baking soda to vinegar and pour the mixture on a piece of cloth and rub the cloth over your iron steam for the best steam iron cleaning.

The base of your steam iron should not be scratched as it might result in massive problems later. A cotton bud is recommended in cleaning the vents since the cotton bud is soft. To avoid your clothes being smelly, you should regularly clean your water tank. This is done by pouring half water and half vinegar into the tank and heating your steam iron and leaving it for about six minutes to allow it to steam well. After six minutes you can empty the tank and rinse it with water leaving your water tank clean.

Always maintain the bottom plate of your iron shiny if not very shiny by not ironing anything that can stick at the base of your iron. However, in case it accidentally gets some sticky substances, allows it to cool down and use a soft cloth with window cleaner spray and your steam iron will remain shiny as ever. It is true that cleaning of your steam iron is easy as discussed above. However, it is recommended that you iron your clothes as soon as they dry especially when you are using a dryer. This will ensure that you iron easily since the clothes are a little damp.