Life is So Much Easier With the Larger Ironing Board

A large ironing board makes the chore of ironing clothes so much easier and faster. A large ironing board has a larger surface to iron on; more material can be ironed at one time. There is less handling of hot ironed material that tends to wrinkle easily. With the larger, flat surface, large pieces glide across the board with ease. The generous width allows more space to work on those puffy sleeves, stand-up collars and other challenging parts of clothing.

The typical ironing board is long and skinny. They are about 15 inches wide and about 4 1/2 feet long. They do have a narrow end that works well for pressing hard to reach areas. Bigger is better. When women first started to iron clothes, they had a challenge. Some of the first ironing boards were boards set between two chairs and covered with a wool cloth.

Inventors decided to assist these housewives and invented an ironing table, an ironing bureau, and an ironing table joined to a quilting frame. Many of these up and coming inventions had accessories for every kind of item to be ironed. There were special items for things like sleeves and bonnets.

As they say, we have come a long way, baby. Today the large ironing board comes with a lot of extra conveniences. The large ironing board folds up to just a few inches thick. It can be stored in a closet or behind a door when not in use. The large ironing board can be adjusted up to 36 inches. If you need the board set at 24 inches, you can do that with just the touch of a lever. The wider ironing boards are much more stable and stand steady when used.

Large ironing boards have a light metal top with grid holes. These are necessary so the steam from the iron can escape. For easy ironing, this top is covered with an ironing board cover. Many of the fabrics ironed today are linen, cotton and silk. The better quality ironing board covers make ironing easier. Women still prefer natural fabric for the cover of their choice.

The beauty of the large ironing board we have today is its adaptability. Because the height can be changed, the ironing board can serve as an extra buffet serving at the dinner table. It can be used as a craft table and lowered to the chair height area. If children need a table to work on, the large ironing board fills that need. To assist in sewing large pieces of fabric, the ironing board can be adjusted to the same height as the sewing machine to help control the extra fabric.

Today’s ironing boards offer convenience and adaptability. You can even attach a shelf to the back of the board for the hot iron to rest on. A shelf for folding clothes can be attached underneath the large ironing board. The large ironing board reduces the time spent ironing. It is well worth the investment.