Making An Oversized ironing Board Cover

An oversized ironing board cover is the one which is particularly large in size and is often chosen by people who possess large ironing boards which are used for ironing a number of large items like table-cloths and curtains.

People often consider it wise to select large ironing boards for their homes since these are not only practical but also long-lasting and versatile in terms of usage because eventually as a household grows, the ironing needs also increase and finally reach a point wherein a large-size board is considered to be a necessity rather than a luxury. This opinion is particularly reiterated by people who purchase small ironing boards and small ironing board covers only to regret their decision later.

There are a number of ways in which an oversized ironing board cover can be acquired and although some people might want to purchase one from the market, most of the people try to stitch it at home since it is more economical. The paraphernalia needed to make such a cover at home would be the fabric of the desired length, flannel of the desired size, two pieces of cotton or wool felt, plywood, staple gun and fabric glue.

The procedure commences with lying down and spreading the muslin or cotton fabric on any flat surface with room on all sides to facilitate movement. Next, the flannel layer is spread over this muslin and smoothened out from centre outwards in order to get rid of the creases.

The two felt pieces are centre-aligned over the flannel leaving a gap of two inches along the four sides between their edge and the edge of the flannel followed by the placement of the plywood also in a similar manner. The muslin and the flannel are then folded on to the plywood and firmly secured after pulling the fabric and creating tension after which it is stapled.

An oversized board is thus ready for ironing and this is then covered by an ironing board cover of cotton or some other fabric which is fastened with threads and loops on all sides in order to achieve a good fit.

While making an oversized ironing board cover, there are a few points which need to be kept in mind by the maker the foremost being that the cover should fit snugly on the ironing board as a misfit would affect the quality of ironing.

Secondly, the fabric of such a cover should be resistant to shrinkage as it would reduce the size considerably and hence would no longer fit the ironing board.