Morphy Richards 330013 Steam Generator Iron Review

Morphy Richards manufacture some excellent irons and their 330013 Power Steam Elite model is no different. Again, this iron is very highly rated across a number of retailers for its affordable price and its high performance specifications.

Morphy Richards has been producing excellent irons now for a number of years, and the 330013 Power Steam Elite is another highly rated model. You may be familiar with its predecessor, the 42221 power steam elite which was popular for an extended period of time and also was highly rated. The 330013 Power Steam Elite is the newer version packed with excellent specs and features.


The main improvement made by Morphy Richards with this model is they boosted the steam bar pressure from 4.5 to 5, and while maintaining the continuous steam output of 160g, they have produced an iron which is really powerful for the money you pay.

The iron has a large 1.7l capacity water tank which allows for continuous refills and long periods of ironing time before a refill is required.

One of the more unique features of this iron is the fact that you can control the power of the steam. The steam settings on the iron allows you to choose from three different settings, and the buttons on the iron light up to show you which setting is in use.

The iron also has a few safety and convenience features built in. The auto off feature means that the iron switches off automatically when left unattended to prevent burning. The iron also has an anti-calc cartridge free limescale management system which lights up when it recognises that your iron needs to be descaled. The base of the unit also acts as a cord wrap around with a clip to keep everything in place for added safety when transporting the steam generator iron.

Most of the reviews on this iron left by customers are positive, and the main benefits that they focus on are the performance of the unit. The steam pressure and output is comparable to some of the higher spec models on the market, but the price is definitely on the lower end of the scale as far as steam generator irons are concerned. I think it would be difficult to find a better bang for your buck than this iron.


As for the disadvantages of the iron, many have remarked that it is large and heavy which makes it difficult to carry around. If you would consider yourself frail or unable to carry heavy objects, it might be wise to take a look at the size and weight to see whether carrying the unit will be manageable for you, but I think this is an issue you will probably have with a lot of steam generator irons due to the nature of the product.

I can’t help but feel that this iron doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as it’s competitors though. For example, with the Tefal iron reviewed above, there is a lock in system for locking the iron onto the base unit during transportation. This would be especially handy for this iron considering the reviews about the size and weight.

Another disadvantage of this iron I have seen on a number of occasions is to do with the anti-calc system. One review states that the limescale management light went on to say that it needed to be descaled after just 5 uses which may be a problem, especially in areas of hard water (please see my guide on the right hand menu bar for information about the water in your area). If you do live in a hard water area, filtering the water before putting it into your iron might be a good idea to avoid high maintenance.

There was also one user who reported that the limescale management system electronics were faulty and caused the iron to stop working but this single review seems to just be a one off problem.


All in all the Morphy Richards 330013 Power Steam Elite is a highly rated iron which will get the job done convincingly for a good price. This iron is probably the next level up from the cheapest irons on the market so if you’re looking to balance quality and price this is a good option.