Philips GC7619/20 PerfectCare Pure Review

The PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 steam generator iron from Philips is one of the most affordable and reliable steam generators available in the market today. This steam generator is recommended for medium to large loads and it is the lowest priced iron in the PerfectCure line of irons made by Philips.

Power: Decently powerful with 120g steam output, 180g boost, 5 bars of pressure

Features: Incredibly feature-rich with great things unique to this range of irons

Price: Not quite as cheap as some, but very good price for the features it packs

Main Selling Points

  • It is powered by OptiTEMP Technology. A smart chip inside the iron senses the kind of fabric you are ironing and adjusts temperature settings without any manual intervention. It can set temperature for all the iron-able fabrics ranging from denim to silk to polyester to cashmere.
  • The manufacturer claims that this iron won’t burn clothes, no matter how hard you try, as the smart chip inside the iron takes care of the temperature settings. That is quite a claim but most of the buyers agree with the claims made by Philips.
  • It comes with T-iconic Glide soleplate. This is a patented technology that makes it glide 25% better on all ironable fabrics. It has specially designed shape and vents that lead to even distribution of steam for faster removal of crease.
  • It is also scratch-resistant. Philips claims that this is twice as fast as the other steam-powered irons available in the market. Most of the buyers agree that this is fast and allows them to save some time
  • As far as the storage space for this iron is concerned, it is around 40% smaller than similar irons. In other words, it is quite compact in size and easy to handle. It is also a bit lightweight when compared to its size.
  • You can also use this for vertical ironing though only a few people seem to use this feature. However, it’s there if you need it.
  • You can keep ironing for around two hours on a continuous basis without needing any refill. Also, you can refill it any time you want without waiting for the iron to cool down. The water tank comes with a capacity of 1.5 L.
  • The product comes with two anti-scale cartridges which protect your appliance from limescale stains. Philips says that one cartridge should last for around three months. The appliance flashes indicator light when it is time to replace the cartridge but you can still continue using it for up to 30 min with the old cartridge.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this steam generator iron is that it is simply plug and play. There is no manual adjustment required whether it is temperature or protection from lime scale.
  • Philips has excellent customer service and most of the buyers of this particular model are satisfied with the performance of this steam generator iron.

Potential Disadvantages

  • The biggest problem mentioned by most of the buyers who have been disappointed with the results is that it is not a good product for those living in a hard water area. It can be costly to operate if the price of mineral water is too high.
  • It won’t work without a working anti-scale cartridge.