Philips GC8638/20 PerfectCare Aqua Review

The Philips GC8638/20 Perfect Care Aqua Steam Generator Iron is one of the best out there. It has a lot of features that will make the task of ironing better and a little bit easier. Many people have positive reviews when it comes to this iron. Philips has over 75 years of experience in iron technology and innovation and it shows. Some of its best features include OptimalTEMP technology, T-ionicglide soleplate and cartridge indicator light.

Main Selling Points

  • Philips has over 75 years of experience in the iron technology and innovation
  • OptimalTEMP technology – You don’t have to worry about changing the temperature setting because it only uses one setting for all fabrics. You won’t have to go through the process of sorting out the fabrics before starting to iron. The advanced smart chip inside the iron sets the ideal soleplate temperature scientifically tested on all ironable fabrics from denim to silk without risk of burning
  • The iron can be used vertically and it will still work well and powerfully steam out the creases and hanging clothes or refresh curtains. This means you can hang clothes then iron them without any problem
  • This iron will not burns any garments because of the safety features it has. The iron can be safely rested on the clothing or the ironing board rather than the heel rest which has been popular for some time. Using the ones that need heel rest increases the risk of repetitive strain on your wrist
  • Quick start – waiting for the iron to heat up is history with this iron. It will heat up very fast compared to other irons in the market
  • The tank capacity will provide you with 2.5 hours of ironing which is ideal for a larger load without having to refill it every time. The water level is clearly visible and you can easily know when it is time to do the refill. This means you will save a lot of time when you are ironing
  • Compact steam generator – space will never be an issue due to the small size of the iron and unit. This appliance is very light which makes it ideal to carry around and easy storage. It also lights when ironing hence there is minimal risk of hand injury
  • The appliance has a PureSteam anti-scale cartridge that will filter hard water and prevent limescale. It also helps prevent the hard water from reaching the garments. The cartridge can last for a period of about three months
  • Flashlight to remind you when to replace your cartridges – When the flashlight flashes, then it is time to replace the cartridge. Doing this will increase the lifespan of the product by five times

Potential Disadvantages

  • The price may be out of many consumers budgets and may be deemed unnecessary for an iron
  • There are a few reviews suggesting that the iron can be noisy – you can’t use it while the baby sleeps!
  • No indicator light to say when the iron is hot enough to start using