Since starting this website, it seems that there are more and more very highly priced steam generator irons entering the market, with many of them now costing in excess of £250. For someone who does not know a lot about steam generator irons, it may come as a shock that they can be this expensive. I remember many moons ago when I was a student purchasing an iron from a supermarket for £5 and back then I would have been horrified at that sort of price.

The questions we need to examine are whether cheaper always equals better value for money and whether more expensive always means higher quality. It’s also important that we tie these answers into our everyday decision making and allow them to guide our buying process in an educated manner.

So, perhaps you’ve been looking at steam generator irons and think that going with the cheapest option will be best for you? There are a number of things you need to bear in mind with the cheaper steam generator irons. Firstly, you’re buying a less powerful device, and you should ask yourself whether this is a good idea. For someone who irons infrequently for only themselves or themselves and a partner, a cheaper steam generator iron may be a great option. You can have the benefits of a steam generator iron which make them more effective than regular steam irons without having to pay a premium.

The problem I see with the above approach is that less powerful steam generator irons make your ironing take longer, and even if you only iron once every fortnight, the extra ironing time will compound to make a big difference over time. It’s not as though ironing is something you won’t be doing in the future unless you win the lottery and can afford to hire a butler to do it for you!

If you’re struggling to afford a top model, a good idea might be to go for a mid-priced model with an extended warranty which ensures you’re spending your money on something which is covered if it breaks down before you’ve had the chance to get your money worth so to speak.

If you can only afford the cheapest models, should you still get a steam generator iron? In my opinion, you absolutely should. Even at the bottom end of the market, steam output can be roughly 3x as much from a steam generator iron in comparison to a regular steam iron, and you will likely see a bigger difference between a steam iron and a steam generator iron, compared to a cheap steam generator iron and a high priced steam generator iron.

Secondly, does expensive always equal higher quality? I think that can be a difficult question to answer. Does expensive always equal more powerful? In almost all cases, it does, but more powerful is not necessarily equal to higher quality.

I think that quality is subjective, and in the case of steam generator irons, should be defined by the value it brings to your life. For someone who lives in a large household, a more powerful steam generator iron will bring immense value to their lives, in that it makes large and frequent loads of ironing quicker and easier. You have to ask yourself whether the price will bring enough value to your life to justify it.