Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean

The Tefal GV8461 Steam Generator should give you great performance and last for many years to come. It is one of the most powerful irons on the market with a whopping 6 bars of pressure and a 260g steam boost. It boasts an attractive design and a wealth of quality features which we have come to expect from Tefal

Main Selling Points

  • It has an attractive and stylish design.
  • It has been lauded by many of its users due to its ergonomic features.
  • The Steam generator is also equipped with the Autoclean soleplate. The autoclean soleplate is scratch resistant and comes with a surefire combination of unparalleled ‘glide-ability’ and long lasting performance.
  • Pressure and amount of steam that is produced is almost completely unrivalled by any other iron, with 6 bars of pressure and a 260g steam boost.
  • The retractable cord makes storage very convenient.
  • The anti-calc collector means that the product remains limescale free for longer than its competitors, therefore making it last longer.
  • There is an eco setting which will save you  20% on your electricity consumption
  • The large water tank allows you to iron for up to three hours without the need to refill
  • Comes with a steam dial which allows you to vary the temperature – very important when it comes to more delicate garments like silk and cotton
  • Water filter is reported to be excellent, and a good improvement on the previous model

Potential Disadvantages

  • The price may be out of many consumers budgets and may be deemed unnecessary for an iron
  • There are a few reviews says that the iron can be noisy – you can not use this iron while the baby sleeps!
  • Indicator light is not included
  • Some reviewers were unhappy it didn’t have the ‘hood’ like other Tefal models Can be noisy when using steam boost


Power: Incredibly powerful with 120g steam output, 260g boost, 6 bars of pressure

Features: Great features but missing lacking in areas where other irons excel

Price: Expensive in relation to other reviewed products reviewed