Trendy Iron Holders & Iron Storage Solutions

Don’t think an iron storage rack solution is important? Irons are considered one of the most dangerous regular use items around the home. When turned on, they quickly heat up to a scalding temperature, one that can easily send a child or unaware adult to the hospital. Even when off, irons are small but heavy metal objects that can cause serious damage upon impact. Many injuries have occurred after someone tripped over or bumped into an ironing board, the injury is exacerbated with a bruise from the fallen metal iron.

Avoid all of these unfortunate accidents by storing your iron in a convenient and sensibleĀ iron holder. These cases are specifically designed for iron storage. This means, the polyester containers can withstand high temperatures, so you can put the iron directly into the iron holder as soon as you’ve finished ironing. Attractive iron holders are also a discreet solution to the usual eyesore that irons can be to a room or shelf.

In addition to being a safety hazard, when irons are in use they can cause another frustrating issue. Who hasn’t accidentally scorched a hole in their ironing board cover at least once after placing the iron face down for just a second? AnĀ ironing board replacement coverĀ is a convenient item to have around for just such occasions. Anyone with an ironing board should have a few replacement covers just in case.

If you don’t want to be changing covers every week, though, anĀ iron plate holderĀ is the smart solution to this common problem. Usually formed from heat-resistant silicone, an iron plate holder can withstand direct contact with an active iron. These innovations are the perfect place to rest your iron in between clothing items. So what are you waiting for? Start making ironing safer and more enjoyable today.